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Journey in becoming a
top speaker

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY as an Afghani American he learned the importance of being loved by mentors in his community. Enduring and surviving family domestic violence, alcoholism, drugs and street violence, he learned the value of work ethic, sacrifice and determination to avoid believing he needed to keep living a life of pain and suffering.  He learned he wanted to thrive not survive. Many teachers and mentors instilled a passion to wanting him to become great at helping people find their purpose and chase their own greatness. He learned to be resilient and persevere thorough these leaders of different ethnic backgrounds and religions that saw him as a human who had the ability to change his life to help change the world.   They taught him to look and to find what was in someone’s heart and soul not what was on the outside.

He has battled with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to the hardships of life and has a never give up attitude.  He has used his strength to help others who struggle with Mental Health.  He help start a non-profit called Mental Health for Heroes to serve our first responders who at war with mental health crisis that plagues America. Khalil is all about love as the motto he learned from a young age from the rapper Christopher “B.I.G.” Wallace says “Spread Love is the Brooklyn Way.” Khalil will do his best to share that message until his last breath. 



“Culture of Love” Inspiration 
In Khalil’s 2 decades as an educator and coach in he has endured and encountered racism, bullying, and harassment and even almost lost his entire career for trying to keep kids safe. The culture of love was never present in these instances.  He has battled and continues to overcome the fight with PTSD through all the hardships of life. 

He understands and know that through a culture of love and fight through adversity and challenges you can make the world a better place.  Through love, passion and having an optimistic attitude you can become a championship person and build championship teams and families.

Through it all Khalil knows what it means to be the underdog and to never give up. And he continues to be an active member of his church and volunteers to help those in need.  He volunteers and coaches women and men’s travel teams. A husband and father of 4 beautiful girls, he enjoy spreading his love to all those he comes in contact with because he believes we can always be a light in someone’s darkness.


"Few individuals have the ability to motivate and inspire people like Khalil Sikander. I've had the opportunity to engage with him in several capacities, including seeing him work with youth as a Coach and mentor..."

Todd Granthem

Instructor, Trainer, Presenter and Coach